Loci's core business is within the field of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). Our technical expertise and application of international standards and best practice has resulted in a good working relationship between Loci Environmental and the Botswana Department of Environmental Affairs, where we are proud to be on the DEA-endorsed list of environmental consultants doing ESIA work in Botswana. We have also recently acquired certification by the Botswana Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association (BEAPA), as required by national ESIA legislation.

As well as undertaking ESIA studies in accordance with Botswana's Environmental Assessment Act of 2011, Loci offers consulting expertise in the environmental sector internationally, having undertaken several large-scale projects in a number of SADC countries as well as across a variety of industries. We continue to work regularly with scientists and consultants based outside our borders, gathering knowledge, forming good working relationships and expanding our experience in international standards and practice. We also have a good working relationship with other SADC countries' authorising agencies, and have local people and partners on the ground throughout the region for project assistance where required.

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